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Remembering Brian Archer

Remembering Brian Archer

Kenny Dannfald12 May - 19:00
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Sad loss of a club Legend

“It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Brian Archer has passed away over the weekend. Brian was a stalwart of Leith Rugby as a player, committee man and lifelong supporter of the club from the moment he joined after leaving Leith Academy Secondary School.

He was a very good friend to many and generous with his time. His presence around the club will be greatly missed especially when watching rugby on the television where his advice to referees, Irish in particular was often brutally honest.

I for one will definitely miss his friendship.

I will let you know details of the funeral arrangements as soon as possible.

Jim Smith
Leith Rugby”

We have collected some further tributes and stories of Brian..

"Back in the day when the first xv used to compete against the 2nd xv at training, I scrummed down with the first pack. Brian was in the 2nds pack. For about 5 scrums the 2nds took us apart to the extent I got so annoyed I shouted out to my team mates "Stop f@@@ing around and get into these clowns".
After team selection that night I found out I had been dropped to the 2nd Xv.
I was not very happy but I turned up at Hawkhill on Saturday only to be greated by Brian and the other pack members where upon Brian presented me with a red nose and clown mask, insisting I wear it all the way to Seafield. He then dubbed me chief clown and never let me forget it.
Tam Bennett

"I met Brian back some time ago when I was young and had hair. He was quick to point out crap hair but that was his way, always to the point. Any way I get off point of tell you what a great guys Brian was. I had the privilege of wining him over on the first training session as I arrived with two backs and im sure he though I was a third only for me to say 'na I pay hooker mate where all the work gets done.'

I think its hard to sum up Brain in one story mainly as there are so many. I can only think it will be hard to be around the club and not see his happy/unhappy face round the place. I will be forever greatful for his friends ship and stories over the years made living away from my family a little bit easier."
David Montgomery

"In my 2nd year as captain, we lost our coach to another team and whilst others were wondering what to do and where we went Brian put his hand up as he always did. He was always wanting what was best for the team and sure he had his faults as a coach but was always, always there putting the club first and trying to get the best out of the team.

I did used to semi dread when I had to text him on a saturday morning to tell him someone had called off and he had to reshuffle his pack. I could imagine himm at the other side of the phone blowing a gasket but it was only because he cared so much. I will always remember after quite a successful game for me and the team, feeling quite good about myself in the bar, when Brian would remind me of my kicking percentage for the day and bring me back down again in the dry, cheeky way he had"
Kenny Dannfald

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