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A new partnership with Leith Whisky

A new partnership with Leith Whisky

Kenny Dannfald3 Nov 2023 - 10:38
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Leith spirits and Leith rugby are now proud partners

Today we proudly announce our latest sponsorship with Leith Whisky. They will be the main sponsor on our home kit for the next few seasons! Members are also set to benefit al the full Leith Spirits range will be available within out bar as our house spirits and Leithers can benefit from 10% off all Leith Spirits products by using codes LRFC23 at the check out at

See full press below;

Gleann Mòr Spirits Company Ltd, a Leith-based business with apassion for quality, tradition, and innovation, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Leith Rugby Football Club, an institution deeply woven into the fabric of our vibrant community.

A Shared Commitment to Excellence

Just like Leith Whisky's dedication to crafting exceptional Scotch whiskies that honour Scotland's blending heritage, Leith Rugby Football Club (Leith RFC) boasts a storied history of excellence on the rugby pitch. With roots dating back to 1920, Leith RFC has consistently displayed a commitment to the highest standards of sportsmanship, teamwork, and community engagement. The club has become a focal point for both seasoned rugby enthusiasts and aspiring players in Leith.

Strengthening Community Ties

At Gleann Mòr Spirits, we believe that great spirits are not just about what's inside the bottle but also about the communities that nurture them. Our partnership with Leith RFC is a testament to our commitment to support and uplift the local community that has been our home for years.

A Symbol of Community Unity

As part of our sponsorship, the Leith Whisky logo will proudly grace the front of the men's 1st XV team kit, a prominent symbol of our commitment to Leith RFC's success and our shared community values. We are excited to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow Jane Street producers, Campervan Brewery, whose logo will adorn the reverse side of the kit.

Raising a Glass to Celebration

But that's not all! Our partnership with Leith RFC extends beyond the rugby field. The Leith Spirits portfolio of exceptional products will be available in the Academy Park clubhouse, providing fans and supporters with the opportunity to savour the same quality and craftsmanship that defines Leith Spirits.

A Hint of Something Special

While we can't spill all the secrets just yet, we want to tease a little about what's coming up. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement from Leith Whisky soon. It's something that will not only delight our community but also raise a toast to our shared love for Leith.

Join Us in Celebration

As we embark on this journey with Leith Rugby Football Club, we invite our community, rugby
enthusiasts, and all who cherish the spirit of Leith to join us in celebrating the values that unite us. Together, we'll continue to build a strong, vibrant, and supportive community, just like the one we cherish here in Leith.

Contact Information:

For press inquiries, please contact:

John Moffat
Gleann Mor Brand Portfolio Manager


About Leith Whisky:

Leith Whisky is a brand by Gleann Mòr Spirits Company Ltd, dedicated to crafting exceptional Scotch whiskies that pay tribute to Scotlands rich blending heritage. With a renewed focus on tradition, Leith Whisky invites enthusiasts to experience the history and taste the rediscovered tradition of one of Scotlands most iconic blending houses.

About Gleann Mòr Spirits Company Ltd:

Gleann Mòr Spirits Company Ltd, a Leith-based business, is renowned for its commitment to crafting outstanding spirits, including whisky, gin, and more. With a passion for quality and a dedication to tradition and innovation, Gleann Mòr continues to captivate the spirits industry with its exceptional products.

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